Welcome to my website, PETERSTUART.CA

I have been blogging with WordPress since 2009.  In August 2014 I reorganized and wrapped a website around my blog!  As a writer, I now have a home to showcase my published works.

My blog focuses on Canadian and Quebec political issues, faith in a secular society, social and economic justice, international affairs as well as my latest pursuit of becoming a clinical social worker.

I am passionate about the subject of mental health.  I have, at times, been consumed by the challenges of living with a mind that does not always function to its fullest.  As part of the process of healing, I have written two books, one of them about my journey through mental health healing.

Feel free to have a look around, find out more about me and comment on my pages and blog postings.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me.  And, yes!  You can purchase autographed copies of my books directly from me.

Thanks and enjoy my website!

2 comments on “Home
  1. Jacques says:

    comment va tu? Appel mois? ou text… email???


  2. Jacques says:

    Write me blogger… Qu’on se reprends


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