Do we want to know the Truth?

Do we want to know the Truth?

I was reading Le Devoir newspaper a few weeks ago at the beginning of the current federal election campaign, and an editorial by Denise Bombardier caught my eye. She spoke about truth in the media and whether or not we as citizens are actually interested in knowing the truth, or are simply willing to accept half-truths and falsehoods which get repeated often enough that we end up believing them.

One case in point that she brought up was the current cuts to cultural funding by the Harper Conservatives. Although the Heritage Department made roughly 45 million dollars in cuts recently, Mrs. Bombardier nevertheless mentioned that overall, funding for culture and the arts under the current Conservative minority had actually RISEN by about 273 million dollars over the previous Liberal government.

What I’m getting at, is that this makes the current smear campaign against the Canadian government, led by a faction of the Québec artistic community particularly disturbing, in light of its highly anti Canadian and anti Anglophone content.

I listened to the 3 minute audio version of the protest video that this group of Québec artists posted on U-Tube, and the tone of its content was particularly distasteful against Canada and Anglophones in particular. In it there is a scene where a small group of Québec artists are submitting a plan for funding for their music festival to some federal civil servants. First off, the video makes fun of the federal civil servant’s level of proficiency in French, and even goes so far as to make a play on words insofar as the federal civil servant’s inability to pronounce the word ‘soucieux’, as in ‘worried’ or ‘concerned.’ This stems from recent issues of the Heritage Department being concerned about the content of some Canadian artist’s lyrics and so forth. What they end up making the civil servant say is ‘Le Canada est sucieux’, as in ‘Canada sucks’.

They go on and sing a sample of their music for the panel of civil servants, and Michel Rivard, who is part of this protest group, and who used to be the leader of the famous Québec pop group Beau Dommage, intones one of his famous songs about ‘un phoque en Alaska’, whereupon the Feds go ballistic into some sort of neo-conservative ultra fundamentalist Christian diatribe about ‘did he say ‘f____’?’. The scene then degenerates into a sort of Spanish Inquisition of sorts where the Feds begin questioning his sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc…

It then ends with the pithy quote that ‘one dollar of cultural funding generates eleven dollars of economic spinoffs’. With that kind of virulently anti Canadian, anti Anglo, anti-God, virtually anti everything kind of discourse, are we to believe that these rabid Social Democratic secular secessionists are the denizens of Peace and Love and tolerance? Do we want the federal government to blindly surrender all of its jurisdiction over arts and culture to the Québec government so that such rabid hatred of our country and our two official languages, as well as the founding principles of ‘the supremacy of God and the rule of Law’, as laid down in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, be trampled upon? I think we should know the Truth even if it hurts. Amen.

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