Faith-based solutions

Faith-Based Solutions for a Troubled World

A couple of years ago, in the course of my work as a self-employed tour guide, I was sent to greet some people at the airport. These persons were all delegates to a convention of an organization called the Haggai Institute.

I basically greeted each person as they got off the plane and paired them up with their driver who brought them to their hotel, and gave them a complementary bottle of water. Fairly simple enough.

What I found out is that this Institute is a Christian faith-based organization of a global nature which trains people in the fundamentals of Christianity and Christian proselytization, as well as leadership skills. These people are then sent back out into their own communities worldwide to help in the development of their community and to find Christian-faith-based solutions to the problems facing their societies.

All of this was founded by one man, a certain Dr.John Edmund Haggai, who cares enough about the human condition to start this organization and to keep it going well into his 80s!!!

This discourse is in stark contrast to a documentary I saw on ‘Le Canal Savoir’ not too long ago, which spoke about the role of God and religion in the public domain in today’s Québec society. All of the panelists had either very intellectualized sociological arguments about religion as an instrument of social control and/or for the purposes of the political elite’s desire to wage war; or argued stridently for the complete secularization of society.

I feel there’s a difference between separation of Church and State, and rabidly trying to remove all traces of God from public view and public discussion, all in the name of having a secular society. In fact, a secular society means that God SHOULD be spoken of in school. Pupils should learn about all of the major faiths of this planet, as they are a major source of inspiration and comfort to billions of the faithful every day.

When the Virginia Tech shootings occurred a while back, everyone was up in arms about how such a thing could happen. As usual, the critics of God got upset and spoke out in the American media, asking ‘Where was your God when this tragedy occurred?’ The Christian spokesperson who was being interviewed is reputed to have answered something to the effect of ‘Well it’s not surprising such a thing happened at one our schools, because GOD IS NO LONGER ALLOWED IN OUR CLASSROOMS!!!’ How true. If a young student wants to listen to any variety of Satanic Heavy Metal music on his or her MP3 player, there is nothing to stop them, but we won’t allow the name of God to be spoken in our classrooms!!!

I applaud, therefore, people like the Haggai institute who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and offer the world loving faith-based Christian solutions to human problems. I hope Dr. Haggai’s work continues for many years to come.

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