I have a Dream

I Have a Dream….For Change

November 4, 2008 marked an historic day not only in American politics, but also in the history of the democratic process.

40 years ago, Robert Kennedy predicted that there would be an African-American President of the U.S. He was assassinated, and so was his brother before him. Martin Luther King Jr. said ‘I have a dream…’ referring to the day, when people would not judge him or his children by the colour of their skin. He too was assassinated.

However, the march of history moves on. People all around the U.S., Canada, and the world rolled up their sleeves again and got back to work making a better world for themselves and their children.

A journalist on CNN the night of the U.S. election underlined the historic nature of this moment: That it was in Springfield Illinois that Barak Obama began a lot of what would become his Presidential election efforts, and that it was in that same town of Springfield one hundred years previously, that a race riot had erupted, motivating the African-American community to found the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People).

A few days before the election, the media rolled into Barak Obama’s grandmother’s village in Kenya, to take the pulse of the people there. In anticipation of an Obama win, a road was being built to the village, so as to allow the possibility of all the western media to flock to the village and interview the people.

Imagine the kind of effort it took the people of this world to get that road built. I have a dream.. For change. A dream that many more roads, both literal and figurative will be built between places hither and yon in the next four years. All because one man, and those who came before him believed in their dream, and said, ‘Yes, we can!’

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