Reflections on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon


Being Sunday, I attended St. Patrick’s Church, which is my habitual place of worship. The sermon on this day, as delivered by Monsignor Jean Pelletier hit home in a particularly personal way.

Father quoted a study saying that many High School aged children today, when polled as to their career aspirations, said they aspired to go into show business. He went on to say something to the effect that although the performing arts are a noble career path, the show business machine produces mostly prima donnas, interested mostly in their self promotion and not, on the other hand, very civic-minded people who want to contribute to the community.

I found that this hit home on a personal level because I myself have certain artistic tendencies, which I once thought might one day lead to fame and fortune. How unfortunate for me, and for legions of young people who have come after me, that due at least in part to these ‘pie in the sky’ bohemian dreams, I engaged in many years of riotous living, which, like most people who engage in such lifestyles, got me nowhere, except to delay my entry into university.

If we are to believe some of these modern day rock and roll minstrels, at least think of Aerosmith, who sang ‘dream until your dreams come true’, and ,who later, when commenting on the state of the world said that we’re ‘…pissin’ off old Mother Earth’.

Aerosmith, by the way, renounced their riotous ways in the late 1980s, and continued to produce excellent music. If the young people of today are really interested in making their ‘dreams come true’, so as to please ‘old Mother Earth’, may I suggest you try staying in school, don’t get involved with drugs or abusive use of alcohol, and maybe be the engineering student who graduates from Laval, or somewhere else, who develops all of the ‘Green’ technology we need for our factories, mills, smelters, homes, schools, hospitals, and government buildings, that will save more energy, and pollute less.

You could also use your speaking skills to become a politician or public activist to lobby for changes in public policy at all levels of government, or use your writing skills to become a journalist and raise awareness in people’s minds about different issues so as to change the way they think.

I know that it’s too late for me to ever be a ‘somebody’ in show business, and I probably never had much of a chance to begin with. But I, along with the people who are younger than me who have their choices to make NOW, can hopefully learn from my experience: It’s never too soon (or too late for that matter) to make the choice to serve your community, and in doing so, to serve the greater good.

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