Why French-Canadians Love Obama

Why French-Canadians Love Obama

The recent prank pulled by two French-Canadian radio comedians from Montréal, at the expense of Sarah Palin, impersonating French President Nicolas Sarkozy, only goes to underscore how much the people of the Province of Québec have taken sides in this historic U.S. Presidential campaign.

We in Canada have been following your election coverage with interest, not just because of how it will inevitably impact our economy, but also because we as Canadians also have a great stake in the democratic process, and are struggling with the same ‘deficit of democracy’ as was manifest in the U.S. up until this year.

French Canadians have really fallen in love with Barak Obama. I think it’s because the people of my home province love the underdog, and can, on a very personal level, relate to him.

Many French-Canadians admire the way Obama has risen up from very humble beginnings in a very short time. This relates very intimately to the way French Canadians have risen to prosperity in the last forty or so years. It was through a very bitter and sometimes violent political struggle that French-Canadians fought to improve their standard of living in the 1940s-1970s.

This correlates almost exactly with the period in U.S. history of the Civil Rights movement. There was even a famous book written soon after WWII by a man called Pierre Vallière, a famous French-Canadian secessionist, called, ‘White Niggers of America’, wherein he compared the struggle for French-Canadian political and economic emancipation with the parallel political and economic struggle of African-Americans for their own variety of emancipation.

So if you find our radio comedians a little rude and irreverent towards one of your Vice-Presidential candidates, don’t be offended, we’re just rooting for the underdog, like we always have! God Bless America.

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