Word of encouragement for Canada

Word of encouragement for Canada: 13/6/2007

We are the great Unfinished Land. If we are to accomplish the much-cherished balance that we all crave here in our country, we must not only balance economic development with environmental sustainability, East with West, North with South, Aboriginal with non Aboriginal, men with women, city with country, English with French, but especially, we must balance the rights of the individual with those of the collectivity.

One cannot enshrine individual rights to the total exclusion of collective rights or vice versa. Every individual citizen of this country is part of the greater whole, and the greater whole is composed of individuals.

We have all been equally blessed by the Great Spirit in this immense boreal land. We all share its big heart and soul, and we await the day when all will be reconciled to the whole, and that this will occur as a product of our capacity to accept the notion of Nations within: The collectives, especially French and Aboriginal, who first carved their names on the landscape of our federation.

One day there will be rejoicing in the land of the True North Strong and Free, that we will have put the divisive legacy of our colonial past behind us and will set ourselves to the task of offering the gift of ourselves, of Canada, to the world.

Our land will therefore have become a model, a template for the embattled nations of the world to emulate and to replicate. The day this happens is the day that the mating calls for melody and harmony will have conspired to bring a cacaphony of voices from all the nations of the world, assembled them in a true mosaic of unity and diversity, and then sent these very same voices back out into the global village to spread the Good News about the Great Kanata, the Great Village north of the 49th parallel. This very same village is where the voices of humanity have gathered, under the doting care of the Great Manitou, to give praise for the bounty and beauty of Creation.

Our destiny is to live as brothers and sisters of the One true Creator, who makes no differentiation between French and English, rich or poor, or any other distinction created by humans. Our Creator asks only that we be kind stewards of his Creation and that we leave it in better shape than we found it.

For this we must get our minds around reconciling ourselves as individuals with the different collectivities that comprise our federation. Other federations have enshrined collective rights and have survived and thrived.

Let not the mercurial legacy of the Northern Magus obscure the path which opens before us, and which leads to true balance: The essence of Canada.

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