The Evils of Islam? What About Godless Communism?


Recently, I got my first response to an article I wrote concerning what foreign policy initiatives Barak Obama might take so as to attenuate Islamic fundamentalism, and anti-Americanism. I suggested that the U.S. President focus on poverty-reduction, and the building up of democracy in Islamic countries.

A certain Dr. Pearson wrote me a response, which, doesn’t seem to be a response at all: He simply directed me to his own blog, which consists of a free e-book which bemoans the evils of Islam.

Although I am not Muslim, nor do I consider this faith to be as progressive as it could be, I still intend on reading Dr. Pearson’s book.

This blanket condemnation of the ‘enemy’, and denigration of it’s system of beliefs reminds me very much of other wars, whereby each side’s propaganda strategy was focused on attempting to dehumanize the other side so as to better legitimize its total annihilation.

This was done with the Germans in both World Wars, the Japanese, the Russians in the Cold War, the Chinese in the Korean War, etc…

What we have a tendency to forget is that the friction caused by entering into contact with this foreign ‘enemy’ civilization, ultimately benefits us in the long term. In the case of Communism, it was directly because of the unrelenting socio-economic pressure as well as political and military pressure brought to bear on the left ideological flank of liberal democracy, which ultimately led to the timely reforms being instigated in the fields of public pensions, health care, education, workers rights and workplace health and safety, etc. These reforms led us to live in the pluralistic, secular, mixed market economic liberal democracy that we live in today.

Perhaps by coming into contact with Islam, we will come to have a better appreciation of the spiritual aspects of our own Judeo-Christian traditions, which we so readily dispensed with in the 1960s onward, in our mad rush towards a secular, consumer society with unlimited freedom. A society which, by the way, was brought to fruition by coming into contact with another opposing civilization or ideology, that is to say, the afore-mentioned Communist Russia.

What awaits us as we enter into a new phase of what Hegel and Marx called ‘Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, is anybody’s guess. What we do know is that this afore-mentioned process always solves one problem, which then creates others, which then are solved, creating other problems, and so on… The wheels of life, as Gino Vanelli called them, keep on turning.

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