America and China: On a Collision Course?


For some time now, the United States of America and Communist China have been on an ever-narrowing collision course over the issue of global domination.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union was America’s main military and ideological rival, with China lagging in the background. However, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia has opened itself up, along with Eastern Europe, to US investment and western ideas.

The US then started to position itself militarily and economically in the Middle East and Central Asia, where the Russians previously had powerful interests.

Even before the fall of Soviet Communism, the Reagan administration had been putting pressure on the Chinese to open their doors to foreign investment and western individualistic, liberal-democratic ideas.

Deng-Xiaoping, the then Chinese leader, saw the writing on the wall, and encouraged his people to adopt certain market reforms, while keeping the Communist Party’s tight control over the flow of capital, and on any possible expression of dissent.

Since that time, in the 1980s, the Chinese have consistently discounted their currency, the Yuan, against the US Dollar, thereby attracting hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign capital into their country, primarily in the field of manufacturing.

The Chinese then sell a large chunk of their goods to the US, in US Dollars. These US Dollars flow back into the coffers of the Chinese Treasury. The Chinese then use them to buy up the US debt in the form of US Treasury Bills and other debt certificates, so that America can continue to deploy its military forces on the land, in the air, and on the sea, throughout the world. This therefore allows America to conquer and open up new societies for liberal-democratic governance and consumer-type societies, which allows the Chinese to sell more goods through a variety of retail outlets, including Wal-Mart.

So essentially, America and China have their hands in each others pockets up to their eyeballs! Except that now, the most nationalist generals and politicians in China are no longer satisfied with this ‘second banana’ status of being the supplier of cheap goods for America’s retail outlets in the new societies that it opens up for democratization. It wants to be ‘top dog’ in its own right.

But to do so, it must break America’s dominance over the high seas, just as America broke Britain’s and Imperial Japan’s dominance of the high seas. Our planet’s surface is three quarters covered by water. The British were the first to figure out that if you wanted to rule the world, you had to control the high seas, and all of the trade that flowed through its sea lanes. So far America still rules the world because nobody can match its fleet of aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, even though America is hopelessly in debt to the Chinese.
However, if the Chinese tomorrow decided that they were going to use their immense stash of US Dollars to build a world-class fleet of aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, then God help us all, because we would then be surely headed for the final showdown for the dominance of Planet Earth.

So far, the Chinese are planning for the construction of a new class of nuclear submarine, but have stopped short of embarking on a full-blown carrier construction program. They’ve purchased an unfinished former Soviet carrier, which they are currently examining at one of their shipyards. They also have a sort of mock aircraft carrier parked in an inland pool of water in one area of the country, which serves as a floating museum which touts the achievements of Chinese society in the fields of science, engineering, sports, military matters, space, etc… Sort of a launching pad for a future carrier construction program perhaps?

All of this does not bode well for the future of world peace, since already, the Third World War has been predicted to occur sometime in the first half of the 21st century, pitting China, and a group of Arab-Muslim countries against America and Russia. This prediction was made even before the outbreak of WWII by a Historical Geographer, writing in a scholarly journal in Britain. So the writing is on the wall.

Will Communist China go ahead and challenge America’s global hegemony? Already they are the world’s second biggest arms producer, after the US, which is a crucial sign of a desire to wield influence. They have 1, 3 billion inhabitants, one fifth of whom are capable of bearing arms. They’re sitting on the world’s biggest single chunk of cash. What would you do? David Bowie in his song ‘China Girl’, off of the ‘Let’s Dance’ album of 1983, prophetically spoke of the emergence of China as a global power, and America’s role in enabling it to achieve that position: ‘I’ll give you television, I’ll give you eyes of blue, I’ll give you men of war to rule the world!’

America has done nothing but pressure China to adopt some sort of free market capitalism, selling it technology, machine tooling, production machinery galore. They’ve tried to put export restrictions on some of the more sensitive forms of technology, especially in the fields of machine tooling, the kinds of which can be rapidly converted from producing civilian goods to military hardware. But the Chinese always find a way to bypass these restrictions and manage to get their hands on all of this technology.

They then do what the Japanese were so good at doing, which is reverse engineering it to see how it was made, and then producing it themselves. This is precisely how Imperial Japan rose to be a threat to the west: America and her allies in the 19th century parked gunboats outside Japanese ports and threatened to bomb their cities if they didn’t sign trade agreements with them to bring in western-style goods and ideas.

So the Japanese complied, and rapidly industrialized and bought billions of dollars of machinery and equipment from America, Britain, and other countries, including the ability to produce weapons, and other military technologies. Japan then got Imperial ambitions of its own, and started invading countries like China, which didn’t bother anybody, since European or American interests weren’t affected. But then they started invading British, Dutch, and other European colonies. People started to take notice. Then they bombed Pearl Harbour, and all Hell broke loose. Only two atomic bombs were able to stop the Japanese Empire in its tracks. Those bombs were fuelled with uranium from Canada by the way, processed at the reactor at Chalk River, Ontario, which was Canada’s contribution to the Manhattan Project.

Which begs the question: What will or would it take to stop the emergence of any possible Chinese Imperial ambitions for global domination? Personally, I’m very happy having English as the defacto Lingua Franca of our planet and the Judeo-Christian tradition as the prevailing spiritual influence in my life. I’m not sure if I would appreciate at any point being compelled to speak Mandarin, and being told that the God of my understanding no longer exists but is simply a composite of two opposing forces, Yin and Yang, which interface with each other on a continuing basis.

The USA is the only country in this world which has ever been compelled to unleash the forces of hellfire and damnation which repose within the atom, and to perpetrate said forces on an enemy nation in the name of protecting itself and its people from conquest. Let us not forget that the film ‘Bridge over the River Quai’, starring William Holden, recounted the story of Allied POWs during WWII, who were being compelled to work as slaves by the Japanese to build a railroad, which was to be used to eventually invade India, and eventually onward towards Russia, to meet up with the Army of the Third Reich in their quest for global hegemony.

The people of Cathay are an ancient race, very noble, often inward-looking, but they have looked outward in the past. Their Conquerors such as Genghis Khan, the Great Mongol warrior, once almost penetrated into Europe, but was stopped by whom? The Russians. This is why Winston Churchill knew that he needed Stalin on his side against Hitler and the Japanese, regardless of his reprehensible nature and Communist ideology.

The same is true of today: In any possible emerging global conflict between China and her potential Arab-Muslim allies, America will need to count on the support of Russia, but also Canada, to protect fortress North America against possible attack, and to supply our American ally with the mother lode of resources that she will need, including more uranium, in the possible event that hellfire and damnation need to be unleashed once again upon a neighbouring nation, so as to protect our homelands from the scourge of conquest.

America and China: The final countdown, future friends and allies, or both? Only time will tell.

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