Harper’s Minority/Majority Blues


We don’t hear much out of Ottawa these days. That’s because, as you know Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government prorogued Parliament recently, in the hopes of taking the heat off of his beleaguered government. He was hoping to make people forget the Afghan detainee scandal, as well as the fact that we still don’t have a properly-functioning nuclear reactor at Chalk River to supply the world with medical isotopes to fight cancer. Not to mention the fact that he’s made savage cuts to the CBC/Radio Canada, further eroding our cultural sovereignty, cut the CBC Orchestra, thereby lowering even further our country’s visibility on the world stage, which was already very low. The CBC orchestra, if you didn’t know, played at various functions here and abroad, thereby being the public face of Canada to many people around the world.

Mr. Harper’s government also wanted to make us forget the fact that he’s cut our country’s national program which allows our artists to have their works of art transported from one place to another, within Canada, and abroad, and farmed it out to private American interests, thereby making it prohibitively expensive for many Canadian artists to have their work shown in their own country, much less abroad.

He also wants us to forget that he’s putting our entire atomic energy and nuclear industry on the chopping block, wanting to sell it off to the highest or lowest bidder, as the case may be. Canada’s nuclear industry has been one of our greatest sources of national pride in the fields of scientific research and development, and regardless of the critics, still supplies a substantial quantity of the province of Ontario’s electricity needs, and is still a huge potential source of foreign investment and export-driven revenue for our country.

He also wants us to forget that he cut into the artistic development programs designed to promote first-time artists in our country from exporting themselves to foreign markets, all because he sees the subsidization of art as too ‘arty farty, intellectual/liberal/left wing’, while all the while giving over a billion dollars of subsidies to the oil and gas industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan to develop the oil sands. It’s well known that for every dollar spent on subsidizing art; at least ten more dollars are created in spin off jobs, not to mention raising the visibility of our country abroad. Just ask Time Warner, or Disney about that, and they’ll tell you a thing or two!!!

He also wants us to forget that he’s subverting and perverting the democratic process by cutting off all of the mandates of federal agencies who don’t do his bidding, and replacing their leaders with inexperienced temporary personnel, with short term mandates that can be terminated at any time at the pleasure, or in this case, displeasure, of the PM.

He furthermore wants us to forget that he’s prorogued this Parliament to divert our attention from the massive agenda of continental integration, which he and the US and Mexico have got going on behind closed doors, sponsored by such organizations as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and so on. Do you really trust a bunch of CEOs of major transnational corporations to act in the best interest of the average Canadian family? Their agenda is to have a ‘level playing field’, meaning to dumb down national standards as low as possible so as to make the cost of doing business as cheap as possible, and the flow of capital as easy as possible, so as to allow them to continue to accumulate more wealth at the expense of average people.

Which brings me to my last point: How can Stephen Harper and his Conservatives be truly acting, as he purports to be, in the best interests of Canadian families and their traditional values, including values of faith, when all of his actions show clearly that he’s doing just the opposite? He’s attacking the livelihood of the average family by making it more difficult for their members to get jobs that have pension plans, health and dental benefits, paid vacations, child care, and so on.

All because he’s protecting the entrenched interests of money, power, property, and prestige, all of whom wish to arrogate to themselves more wealth, at the expense of the average person. He’s even gone so far as to invite the U.S. prison-building lobby into our country so as to give them the opportunity of making money building more jails in our country so as to incarcerate the growing number of poor people that are increasingly falling through the cracks of our society.

I guess Stephen Harper feels it’s easier to do like the Americans, and throw all the poor people in jail, instead of working to redistribute the economic resources of our country so that there will be less poverty, and therefore, less crime. It worked in the States so well that the market for jails is now saturated, so the U.S. prison-building lobby has now been invited north to continue growing by building more jails here!!! Now isn’t THAT special???

Last week at work, Elections Canada called the office and was fishing around for potential rooms to be used for polling stations. (I work at a church). So something is up, folks!!! The party that I volunteer for had a big happy hour here in Québec city, on Tuesday, Feb. 9. All the Quebec Caucus was there, including Martin Cauchon, Denis Coderre, Senator Dennis Dawson, Justin Trudeau, and so on. And they DID NOT knock us up for a donation, apart from 20$ to cover the cost of the room.

So I think they’re going easy on us before leading us into battle. So brace yourselves, folks, looks like we might get assaulted with another bout of election fever!!! This time, though, try and remember what our good friend the Right Honourable PM has been trying so hard to make us forget, and vote your conscience. Your country will thank you in the end, and so will I.

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