Why the Jews and Arabs are Still Fighting


Many people wonder why the Arabs and the Jews are still fighting after all these years. Some argue it’s because they’re two so radically different peoples that they can never reconcile their differences.

But wait!!! Read your Bible for just a second, now folks. If we are to believe the historical accuracy of Biblical texts, then we’d know that both the Arabs and the Jews were direct descendants of Abraham.

Abraham had a wife, Sarah and a concubine, Hagar. Sarah bore Abraham a son called Isaac, who then had a son called Jacob, who had twelve sons who became known as the Patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Hagar, on the other hand, had a son called Ishmael, whom Arabs, especially Muslims, see as their ancestor. So one branch of Abraham’s family became Jewish, the other Arab and Muslim. And they’ve been going at it ever since, fighting over that small patch of land in what some people call Palestine, others call Israel, with the most crucial piece of land being contested between the two of them, that is to say, the West bank of the Jordan River.

If you look more closely, the West Bank is very revered by both sides because it is the ancient lands of Judea and Samaria, which both Jews and Arab-Muslims see as the cradle of their civilization. So both want to control it, and Israel captured it in the Six Day War in 1967, and has been occupying it, in contravention of a UN resolution, ever since.

Even more controversial has been Israel’s official policy, begun by Ariel Sharon, of building a nation of Greater Israel, by building colonies of Jews in the occupied West Bank, in contravention of the aforementioned UN resolution, all with the help of the worldwide Jewish Diaspora, especially from the US and Canada, which raises considerable amounts of money here in North America, to fund the continued construction of colonies in the West Bank.

So when America tries to put pressure on Israel to negotiate a peace settlement, the religious parties, who hold the balance of power in the Israeli Knesset, or Parliament, by virtue of coalition governments, threaten to withdraw their support from whatever coalition happens to be in power, whether it be Likud or Labour.

This would then cause the government to fall, and force a potentially costly and perhaps destabilizing and bloody election in Israel. America, of course, doesn’t want that, so they back off, thereby perpetuating the stalemate.

It doesn’t help either that the Palestinians still have a clause in their PLO Manifesto, calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. So of course, this is a perfect excuse to continue existing bunker-mentality policies.

Makes for interesting, if perhaps repetitive TV coverage. Couldn’t Abraham have settled for just one wife? I guess they were worried back in those days, for the survival of the species, so they permitted polygamy as a way of guaranteeing the survival of civilization.

Looks like it kinda blew up in their face. Literally. Makes our French/English thingy look like choir practice by comparison. Well, God Bless Canada. It’s too cold here to get upset with each other. Amen to that.

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