The Parallels Between Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Love



As a strong believer in the 12 Step program, having benefited directly from its saving graces and power, I’ve come to the conclusion that its precepts, principles and prescriptions for healthy living are not only applicable to the world of alcohol and drug addiction, but to life in general.

As a man whose bouts with the bottle and bong were, as for most of us, intimately tied in with our testicles and their propensity and desire to relate in the best of Biblical fashion with members of the fairer sex, I can most certainly speak with certitude that the same vocabulary which pertains to the lexicon of addiction to psychotropic substances, is equally applicable to the realm of human sexuality.

Ladies, let me know if any of this rings true with you from the opposite end of the spectrum as I run the gamut of addictions-related vocabulary as it relates to the affairs of the heart: My experience has been that women have a distinctly narcotic effect on me as soon as the line has been crossed, and we enter the world of Biblical knowledge.

As the British rock group Sweet once said: ‘Love is like oxygen: You get too much you get too high, not enough and you’re gonna die. Love gets ya high’. Essentially what he’s saying is true. ‘Falling in love’, is just that. A fall from grace and equilibrium into a state of euphoric disequilibrium, where everything becomes disproportionately ‘beautiful’, or worse yet, you feel an aching sense of yearning, as if inhabited by some narcotic substance, making you sick. You have indeed ‘fallen’.

If you and your love are separated from each other for too long, you can essentially develop ‘withdrawal symptoms’, as if you weren’t getting your fix of your favourite drug, and needed a hit of something to perk you up.

If however, you and your love are in each other’s presence too often for too long, you can ‘OD’ on each other and wind up very sick or even dead. (Well maybe single again).

Or if you and your love are in each other’s presence for moderate amounts of time each day, but for an overly prolonged period of time, without taking a break, you might develop some deleterious ‘side effects’, as if you’d taken a low dose of a drug for too long, without periods of weaning you off of it for certain periods of time.

So in general, like Roxy Music said, ‘Whoa, catch that buzz, love is the drug, I’m thinkin’ of, whoa, can’t you see, love is the drug for me!’

Any way you slice it, in a world where addictions are an omnipresent fixture on the social scene, I think it’s useful to draw a parallel between the two fields: drugs and alcohol, and love. In both cases there are people who handle these things well, others not so well. Some have managed both areas by adopting a policy of moderation in all things, which seems to work for them. But for the true addict for whom the notion of moderation in both love and psychotropic folly knows no boundaries, the only true answer that has worked for me has been complete abstinence, to be replaced by an abiding and profoundly enduring relationship with the God of my understanding.

In this relationship, boundless love can only lead to a better life filled with the fullness of the Spirit, to be shared with all who wish to partake of it with me. Like we say at Mass when the priest says ‘Pray friends that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God the Almighty Father. The response is: ‘May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and glory of His name, for our good, and the good of all His Holy Church.’

However, in the French version of the Mass, this response is simply replaced with ‘Pour la gloire de Dieu et le salut du monde’: or simply, ‘for the glory of God and the salvation of the world’. This is how I see my role in this life, to glorify God, and to help bring salvation to the world, even if it has to be one person at a time.

If I’m going to be hooked on something or someone, it might as well be GOD: Good Orderly Direction. I think there are a lot of people addicted to a lot other people places and things who could use a little GOD in their lives. (Or maybe a big one, as the case may be)

Anyways, Happy Easter, and May GOD Bless you all!!!

Peter Stuart

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One comment on “The Parallels Between Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Love
  1. Teesa Whalan says:

    I am deeply impressed with your text.
    What a wonderful comparison!
    May God bless you and fill you with his presence.
    Happy Easter
    Tersa Whealan


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