If you’ve been watching English-language TV these days in North America, you’ve surely seen those commercials for Axe body care products. Some are for deodorant, whereas others are for hair care products.

In all of the commercials, the underlying message is that there are a lot of young single males living in our cities, who don’t look after their personal hygiene very well, and who therefore don’t have much chance of attracting a member of the opposite sex to be a suitable mate.

This image of the clueless young single male is underlined by a sort of ‘Axe body care brigade’ of shock troops, all hot young babes who travel through the streets of post-modern urban North America and ambush some unsuspecting scruffy dirt bag young male, and wash his hair with Axe hair care products, thereby instantaneously turning him into a guy with ‘girl-approved’ hair.

Another commercial shows a guy who puts on Axe chocolate-scented deodorant and instantaneously turns into a sort of chocolate Easter bunny man, who is therefore eminently desirable to all hot babes of this planet, because he smells like chocolate, and women just find chocolate to be totally orgasmic, right?

So chocolate man walks down the street, and all the hot babes literally ‘want a piece of him’. He breaks off his nose and sprinkles it onto a couple of babe’s ice cream cones. He sits in the theatre while two hotties orgasmically eat his ears off. He stands in the subway car while babes literally kiss his ass by taking a bite out of it. One even goes so far as to rip his arm off as she passes by.

This is quite a different take on the way that this issue was dealt with in the past. In Canada and the U.S., in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, our cities were overwhelmed with single men who flooded into them to find work, and get away from the poverty and lack of opportunity that existed in the countryside. A lot of women did also.

Both parties found themselves in a very foreign, often hostile, dirty, depraved urban environment, especially during the period when the men outnumbered the women. Men had nothing to do, got into trouble, fought, drank, stole, and otherwise ran afoul of the law.

In walked the Salvation Army and the YMCA/YWCA. They offered these men and women a wholesome alcohol and drug-free environment where they could live and work. They offered a spiritually uplifting message of salvation, as well as an option to work out and be physically fit and socialize without getting into trouble.
This was a real solution to real problems, not some imaginary ‘Army’ of babes which supposedly appears out of nowhere and teaches you how to wash your hair and be hot, or to smell like chocolate.

Perhaps if all of these scruffy, dirt bag young single men went to the Y, or volunteered at the Salvation Army once in a while, they might get a better sense of civic duty, a meaning out of life. They might also meet a nice girl, who’s like-minded in her system of values and start going out with her and eventually get married.

No need to smell like chocolate, or to get ambushed by the ‘Axe body care brigade’ for that!

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