We often hear many people in our post-modern society bemoaning the aggressive nature of men, and the ongoing pursuit of military conflict on this planet. They say ‘if we just talked things over, and discussed our differences amicably, it would be all better.’ Or, ‘if women were in charge of this planet, there wouldn’t be any of this killing going on’.

I disagree. Let’s look at the origins of civilization as we know it today. The dominant civilization on this planet is Euro-North American civilization, which evolved out of prehistorical societies before the era of recorded history began these many thousands of years ago, in such places as the Tigris-Euphrates river valley, the Nile river valley, and so on.

Prehistorical humans roamed all across Eurasia, and lived in what have become known as ‘hunter-gatherer’ societies. Essentially, from what we’ve been able to reconstruct from archaeological evidence, the men went out to hunt game, and the women stayed back at the base camp and gathered seeds, berries, and nuts, and cared for the children, also looking after cooking the food.

My theory is, which I have inferred from observing human behaviour in today’s world, as well as reading up on tribal societies in the emerging world, I have come to the conclusion that essentially, the reason why civilizations emerged out of prehistorical tribal hunter-gatherer societies, and why these societies continue to wage war on each other, is because men get hungry and horny, and this makes them aggressive.

This may sound fairly outrageous, but let me explain. My theory goes as follows: Hunter gatherer peoples lived in small clan or tribal-based clusters throughout Eurasia. The quantity of game to feed them was adequate, as well as the amount of berries, seeds and nuts. Whenever the men would go out and hunt, and would be successful in killing a beast, they would bring it home, cut it up, cook it over the fire, and feast for the evening, being grateful to fill their bellies with good food.

The women, at this point, seeing that their men had worked well and hard as providers, and had been successful in satisfying their social and emotional needs for security of the person, by guaranteeing their survival by providing an adequate supply of food, were probably at this point, more likely to consent to engage in sexual intercourse with their mates.

Nine months later, however, the reality would be that the size of the clan would increase, and the men of the clan had so many more mouths to feed, thereby forcing them to go ever further afield in their quest for game to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of their families.

The result was likely that they ran afoul of other tribe’s hunting territories, and therefore started to compete for scarce resources. The men, faced with life or death situations of having to feed themselves and their families, or dying, chose to stand and fight their rivals, and to kill them off, so as to take possession of the scarce source of food.

This likely didn’t go over well with the neighbouring tribe, who, when word came back to them that some of their men had been killed by a neighbouring tribe, and their food taken from them, more than likely got a war party together, and went to the neighbouring tribe, who’d stolen their food, and had killed their men folk, and conducted a retaliatory raid on their camp, perhaps killing some men, women and children, and taking back some food.

This may have gone on for some time, until one of the tribes decided to put an end to the conflict, and decided, seeing that the food supply was limited, that the only way to survive was to eliminate or subjugate the neighbouring tribe, and take over their territory. So they got a war party together, and did just that, either killing off all of their neighbours, or subjugating them, and making those that remained a part of their tribe, thereby making them bigger and stronger, and making peace, by the way.

So this is how civilizations emerged, driven by hungry and horny men, waging war on each other, until tribes had emerged into full-fledged civilizations, with agriculture, towns, cities, Gods, written languages, science and technology etc… But the basic premise of men’s aggressive nature based on his glandular-hormonal compulsions to copulate, and his need to quell the beast within when hungry, still govern society today.

Except now the stakes are much higher. The quest for money, power, property, and prestige, is almost limitless in today’s world, and now, women want an equal share of it, and have chosen, by virtue of the principle of ‘gender equality’, to want to be just as ‘hungry and horny’, as men have traditionally been. Many have forsaken their traditional roles as ‘gatherers’, that is to say, domestically-based spouses, focused on the bearing and raising of children, keeping house, and providing a safe, clean, and spiritually sound home environment within which their spouse and children can grow up.

They have bought into the women’s lobby’s agenda of being ‘superwomen’, occupying every and all spheres of public and private life that have traditionally been the purvey of men, simply for the sake of doing so, because they had not been able to do so previously, so now they feel compelled to occupy that part of the gender playing field so as to ‘break the glass ceiling’, all in the name of the ‘cause’ or the ‘struggle’.

So we now have, in the western world, a civilization of ‘hunters’, but fewer and fewer ‘gatherers’. The hunters, both men and wo’men’, are out competing for a limited supply of ‘game’, (jobs, money, power, property, prestige), while the tasks of ‘gathering’, (bearing children, raising them, educating them, cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc.), increasingly get relegated to the sidelines, if they get done at all.

Is it really that important to have balls? (Or to crush somebody else’s for that matter?). I, for one see something deeply disturbing in all of this. Where are we going with all of this? What’s the agenda? If it’s meant to put more women in positions of power and authority, how will making them ‘babes with balls in a power suit’ change anything in the grand scheme of things from the point of view of ‘give peace a chance’?

Not a whole heck of a lot if you ask me. When I was growing up, there were always girls who were loud-mouthed and bossy, and who wanted to play with the boys. Personally we always thought that they were annoying, and usually sought to be rid of them as much as possible. Sometimes they just wouldn’t go away, and we had to accommodate them. It wasn’t all that fun. They’d come in and start bossing everybody around and start taking over the game, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

We just hoped that they didn’t show up next time. We were way too polite to tell them to buzz off, or to argue with them, especially since they were always right, as it turned out. Sometimes it’s just better to let the boys play amongst themselves, whether it is in their tree house, their White House, the playing field, or the battle field.

I think one of the worst things that ever happened to our education system was coeducation. Mixing males with females during puberty is a sure fire way to get their minds off track, and into trouble. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I think that the prehistorical peoples of this world had one thing going for them: The boys were socialized by the men and the girls were socialized by the women, and when it came time to mate, they were introduced, through some sort of tribal ritual, to a suitable member of the opposite sex, and encouraged to mate, which they did.

I think that the legacy of ‘hungry and horny men’ has had unforeseen consequences, as is usually the case, when a civilization evolves beyond its natural ability to grow through organic change. I think we’ve hit something of a wall or impasse in the west, whereby we’ve run out of land, opportunity, economic growth potential, demographic growth opportunities, and so on, and are now turning our sites outwards in a new push of core-periphery exploration, so as to replenish ourselves in all respects.

What this holds for us as a civilization, one can only speculate, but one thing is for certain, men will continue to be hungry and horny, and will continue to ‘hunt’ for new ‘game.’ Whether or not women want to be ‘hungry and horny’ hunters like us, or choose a more traditional path of ‘gathering’ at home, is ultimately up to them to decide at this point. Whatever they choose though, they’ll still have to deal with us and our baggage of beastly things that we bring home with us at the end of the day, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. So forewarned is forearmed ladies: Better ‘gather’ together a hefty helping of ‘sweet berries’, and be ready to sow some ‘seeds’ of love, and to have more than a few ‘nuts’ on hand to deal with the oncoming chaos. ‘Cos ‘Daddy’s comin’ home!!!’

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