We were all shocked these last few days by the man who killed over seventy people in Norway, either by shooting them at the ruling government party’s island retreat, or by the car bomb blast in Oslo. It has since been deemed as an act of ‘domestic terrorism’, since the man who perpetrated it said that he was protesting against the ‘Islamification of Europe’.

This calls to the greater question of ‘why are so many Muslims coming to Europe and North America to begin with?’ The obvious answer is that things are not going very well in their part of the world. First of all, most of the countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, are governed by either ruthless dictators, or autocratic one party-like soft dictatorships, where one ruling family and its friends, either secular or religious, republican or monarchical, rule the roost, and give more or less freedom to their subjects, usually less.

Secondly, America and her allies have decided that they’re going to do something about it, and that, to do so, they’re going to develop the economic potential of the region’s energy and mineral resources, and in doing so, hopefully cause some social, cultural, linguistic, spiritual, and physical development and infrastructure to be constructed in the process.

But to do so, America and her allies, including Britain and Canada, and most NATO countries, have now become embroiled in a large-scale military and economic deployment in the entire region, in the hopes that the western presence will serve to protect western assets in the region, stimulate the construction of strategic economic infrastructure such as pipelines, refineries, mines, including all of the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, social services, churches, mosques, and government administration facilities necessary to manage all of these new assets.

The problem is that this has touched off a tremendous amount of infighting amongst the various tribal peoples of these nations, many of whom see the western presence as an affront to Islam and to their local autonomy, whereas others see the opportunity to go to schools, learn to read, write and count, learn a trade, earn some money, become prosperous, and so on. There seems to be a lot of what we call ‘culture kampf’ or ‘cultural struggle’ throughout the Islamic world.

America and her allies’ presence really seem to be a flashpoint for controversy in that part of the world. Most Muslims I’ve spoken to in Canada all speak of their desire to live in peace, to work, to earn an honest living, to be free of ethnic and religious strife and persecution and to live in a democracy of some sort. However, the implicit message behind their message is that to do just that, they’ve had to leave their homeland and come to the west, and that; ironically, it is in large part because of the west’s intervention in their country, which was the cause of their leaving to come to the west in the first place!
So needless to say, many of these people have mixed feelings about living here. They’re very grateful for the peace, prosperity and freedom we enjoy here, but by the same token resent our meddling in their affairs, which has caused their country to erupt into a state of war, which has caused them to have to flee.

So perhaps this is what motivates some Muslims living here to want to lash out at us and plant bombs in our buildings, thinking that it will raise awareness of the plight of their people over there who’re being occupied by our forces. Regardless of how one looks at it, many of these Muslims living in the west will most likely end up being the vanguard of their generation’s reformers who will have been exposed to the west’s democratic culture and who will eventually go back to their own country, or perhaps their children will, and effectuate the kind of change that will be truly necessary once all the dust has settled in the Muslim world.

In the meantime, the Norwegians bury their dead, and life goes on. Let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen again soon. The process towards world peace is very slow and painful. The fewer eggs that get broken to make the global omelette the better. I like omelettes. I don’t like having to dispose of cracked egg shells. Good day.

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