The internet is awash with conspiracy theories: Everything from various 9/11 conspiracies to JFK-CIA stuff, Illuminati/Bilderberger group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, anti-world government stuff, Skull and Bones, Freemasons, The Rothschilds, Zionist-Jewish world domination conspiracies, you name it.

But one thing is certain, the course of world events has definitely been shaped by wealthy and influential people over the years. Take for example the First World War: Germany was fighting on two fronts, both east and west, and was bogged down on both sides and was losing a lot of men, munitions and money in the process. The country needed a way out of the impasse.

The way the Germans did it was to find Vladimir Lenin, the exiled Russian revolutionary leader, who was living in Switzerland at the time, and offered to spirit him and his lieutenants across that country, as well as Germany, and Denmark, into Sweden, where he eventually fled to Finland, and re-entered Russia. There he helped organize the Russian Revolution to finally overthrow the Czarist regime and found the first Marxist, or Communist government in the history of our world.

What it allowed the Germans to do was to redeploy their troops away from the eastern front with Russia, because the Russian revolutionaries were against the war, and, in any case, the fact that Lenin was now back in Russia organizing a Revolution against the Czar was a good reason to motivate the Czar to pull his troops out of their war with Germany, and call them back home to quell unrest there.

So Germany was able to redeploy her troops from the eastern front to the western front to fight France, Britain, and her allies such as Canada, and the U.S. They eventually lost the war nonetheless, but it still shows that events can be manipulated by people high up the chain of command, especially since people in the highest places in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, all had to know what was going on when Lenin came through their territory in a sealed railway car, and were most likely told to let him go through their sovereign territory without checking his papers at the border.

So, to quote Machiavelli from his famous book The Prince: ‘The ends justify the means’. It is therefore not too far fetched to believe that some sort of manipulation of events went on in subsequent events such as the assassination of the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, as well as 9/11.

One has to wonder why the forty or so storey tower right beside the twin towers also fell to the ground, like the others, in a type of ‘controlled demolition’, when it was never hit by any planes. According to the ‘Loose Change’ conspiracy theory videos on the internet, that building contained a lot of damning evidence that would’ve fingered a lot of people and exposed the truth. Also, how did an object, which was supposedly a civilian jet aircraft, with a soft nose cone, cause so much damage at the Pentagon, which is made of heavily reinforced concrete, whereas crashing jets into a glass skyscraper can understandably cause more damage. Evidence culled from the wreckage, and posted on ‘Loose Change’, leads one to suggest that what hit the Pentagon was in fact a cruise missile.

So who had an interest in getting the Arab/Muslim world to rise up and coalesce in its opposition to America and its allies? Who had an interest in galvanizing public opinion in America and the west to embark on an aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Asia to develop its resources and westernize its societies? Certainly some well-placed people in very high places, whose temporal stake in the development of the world’s resources is surely very substantial, and if the events of the past are any indication, based on what we know from WWI, it’s not too far-fetched to believe that somebody, somewhere would be willing to sacrifice some innocent lives somewhere on this planet so as to advance their agenda, whatever it may be.

Like the old country and western song always said ‘Somebody done somebody wrong …’ It applies just as much today as it did back in the old days. Metallica has a song called ‘Master of Puppets’, where they compare the wealthy and powerful to puppet masters who manipulate people places and things to their advantage and profit. They say that the first casualty of war is the truth. How true. We live in a society of unparalleled supply of information and access to knowledge yet the truth is in short supply like never before in recorded history.

I used to dabble somewhat in looking at some of those conspiracy-theory websites, but I got tired of it. It’s all the same, everything is negative and somehow an evil plot to subjugate humanity, never mind getting into the space alien agenda conspiracy theories, they’re really out there!

I think I’ll let the rich and powerful be rich and powerful. I like my life the way it is. For those who’re suffering under the heel of tyranny or the oppression of the rich and powerful, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and I’ll do whatever that is within my limited power as an individual to help alleviate or attenuate your burden. As for acting collectively to alter the temporal course of history, I’m a lot more hesitant. It’s a messy business.

Just ask Lenin or George W. Bush for that matter, or anybody whose lives were affected by those tragic events. In the meantime, the conspiracy theorists continue to theorize. Like they used to say on the ‘X-Files’: ‘The Truth is out There’… (Warning: The Truth Hurts).

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