The basic principle behind imperialism is what we call ‘core/periphery development or exploitation’, otherwise known as ‘heartland/hinterland’ development. It goes something like this. A ‘core’ or ‘heartland’-type society, which is, or was a repository of military might, administrative know-how, economic power of sorts, usually financial, commercial, and industrial, decides at some point in its history to develop, or exploit a ‘peripheral’, or ‘hinterland’ society or several societies, which are sources of raw materials,(be they animal, vegetable and mineral), labour, as well as acting as potential markets for the ‘core’/’heartland’ country’s products, investment and so on.

All empires were and continue to be developed like this, either via military conquest, or economic and linguisto-cultural domination, or a complex combination of the two of them. This includes the current situation with the three remaining imperial wannabe groups on our planet: The Americans and her allies, which includes Canada, The Chinese, and the Arab-Muslim world.

All three of these groups seek global domination of some sort. The Americans seek it through the use of their military-industrial might and domination of the high seas, coupled with their domination of the global flow of information, knowledge and pop culture through such things as Hollywood, including a multitude of global information and entertainment conglomerates which dominate the production, storage and dissemination of music, popular entertainment both on television, the movies, the web, newspapers, radio, new media, as well as continuing to being world leaders in university research in a wide range of fields.

The Chinese seek world domination through their increasingly dominant control of the global manufacturing sector, which is bringing in billions of dollars of foreign currency into their capital markets, and allowing them to undertake a major expansion in their military-industrial complex, allowing them to now rival that of America in the quantity and quality of research and development funds allocated to the development of new weapons and weapons systems, especially in the field of naval construction and deployment as well as aerospace.

China now has aspirations to become a world power on the high seas, and seeks to potentially one day overshadow America’s ability to project power on the world’s oceans by beginning to build an aircraft carrier fleet. Their first carrier, an old Soviet-era model which runs on Diesel, was recently launched, and nothing leads one to believe that the Chinese do not seek to be satisfied with just that one. They will surely embark on an ambitious program to build either nuclear or perhaps alternative-fuel-powered carriers, if the technology can be perfected, and they can access the resources to do so in a timely fashion. The Germans are already working on the development of a military-spec hydrogen motor for naval applications, and the Chinese have industrial spies everywhere around the world.

Whomsoever is able to control global commerce on the high seas, and access to the world’s resources by having a Navy capable of gaining privileged access to the trade ports of the planet and its resources, will more than likely obtain a stranglehold on power on this planet. This is why, to date, despite China’s overwhelming stash of foreign, especially American currency, it still can’t claim to dominate America, since America still holds sway over the sea lanes of the planet to protect all of the traffic in goods carried to markets throughout the world, including China’s merchant fleet, which, like everybody else, relies on the benevolence of the United States Navy to ensure that its vessels are able to navigate the sea lanes of this planet safely.

The Arab-Muslim countries of this world seek more of a religious and ethno-linguistic and cultural domination of this planet, and are more using the tremendous amount of wealth generated by their control of the world’s petroleum reserves, to propagate Islam, Islamic revolution, and the Islamic lifestyle and way of being, thinking, and doing throughout the world. Their message is very simple and fundamental. It catches on wherever there is a more or less socio-economically developed society, which has yet to be greatly affected by the effects of western-style ‘progressive’ secular-humanistic materialism, consumerism, liberal democracy, feminism, and so on. Or, if such trends do seem to be emerging, Islam comes and fills the fundamentalist breach in the ideological spectrum, co-opting and/or acting as a brake on any overt attempt to overly secularize or westernize whatever civilization it dwells in, acting as a cultural ‘buffer’ between the west and the society in question.

Where and how these three ‘tectonic plates’ will come into contact with each other is anybody’s guess. The fact of the matter is that they are already in many ways. It’s just that they have yet to collide in any sort of cataclysmic way which would cause a major eruption of armed hostilities between the three parties.

The way I foresee the future playing out of these three ‘core/periphery’ relationships and their overlapping with each other is roughly as follows: As the title of this piece belies, the true ‘security’ of the American homeland, in the sense of its people’s security of the person through the obtention of gainful domestic employment opportunities, will continue to be tenuous, probably for several decades to come. What I see emerging, especially if the recent flow of American expatriates into Canada is any indication, is that the social and economic friction and corrosion which is occurring in America will be permitted to be wilfully allowed to continue, even to be accentuated.

The powers that be in America, who’re driving the foreign policy agenda forward, want, like the British, French and other imperial powers before them to make sure that Americans domestically are not too comfortable living in the homeland. They want as many of them as possible to pick up their belongings and seek out greener pastures in foreign lands where America wields influence and power, either as soldiers, diplomats, labourers, trades people, professionals, academics, and so on. They want the world to be populated by Americans who will bring with them the English language, the American way of thinking, of doing, the Christian religion, and so on.

These people are and are to be the vanguard of the emerging new Pax Americana. And the frontier, contrary to what Frederick Jackson Turner spoke about in the early 20th century, will not be the frontier of yore, but the new New Frontier, not of Kennedy’s mind, but that of Reagan, Kissinger, Bush, Clinton, and of the Council on Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, the OECD, the G8, the G20, and so on.

This frontier is currently being opened up and developed in such ‘peripheral’ countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and a whole host of ‘stan’ countries where Islam is present, and so are many mineral resources which are strategic to America’s and her allies’ future domination of the world. These resources are currently being eyed by both the Americans and the Chinese as potential sources for the production of the electrically-driven weapons and weapons systems of the next several decades, which will ultimately determine the outcome of who will dominate this planet in future generations.

I see the Arab-Muslim peoples of this world as being the middle-men acting as either pawns, or shrewd power brokers in their own right, between the two last remaining geo-political forces on this planet, as they vie for supremacy over bragging rights over whose language will be spoken, whose culture will predominate, whose system of spirituality and faith will prevail, and lastly, whose political system will predominate to facilitate the economic development of the planet’s animal, vegetable, mineral, and human resources, which ultimately will act as a vehicle for the predominance of language, culture, faith, and so on.

I see the Americans and her allies coming out on top, with the Chinese and the Arab-Muslim world having substantially improved their lot in life in the process, albeit with the loss of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of lives in the process through war, famine, genocide, natural disasters, economic calamity, environmental devastation, disease, pandemics, and so forth.

It’s not easy to predict the future, especially not in today’s world. But everybody is sounding the death knell of America and her presence on the world stage. I’m saying, though, that this is just the beginning of something brand new, an all-new Pax Americana. One built out of the wreckage of the old. A new American Revolution, one just as glorious yet bloody and full of carnage, which shall bring out in her people, her allies, yea in all of humanity, all that is great and glorious of the human condition, and all that is depraved, despotic, and causes us to despair of the salvation of our immortal souls.

God Bless America, God Bless the coming of the Kingdom, as foretold in days of old. God bless her allies and her friends, may He make his face shine upon them and be gracious to them. And may God have mercy upon her enemies, who will have chosen to do battle with the Great Republic and her allies, her loins girded with the firmness of faith, her arms equipped with the instruments of war in the arsenal of democracy in its unquenchable thirst for victory, and her brow anointed with the pledge of a nation whose flag promises oneness under Almighty God, and liberty and Justice for all. Amen.

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