I was speaking with someone the other day who’s in the know  about the mission in Afghanistan, and the reasons that western countries are there. We spoke about democracy, rights, freedoms, and so on, then it came down to the nitty gritty: Resources.

I mentioned that I’d seen articles in the newspaper about copper and iron being mined in the region, and an oil pipeline wanting to be built across a part of the country. This recently-returned soldier scoffed and said that all of these things were window dressing compared to the real deal, which are strategic minerals, most of which he couldn’t even pronounce, which America and the Chinese are both vying for in the region.

These minerals, if and when they are secured and developed, will form the basis for the future generations of electrically-powered weapons and weapon systems, vehicles, and so forth, of the armed forces of roughly the years 2040-60, and whosoever controls them, will be the country which will be the best equipped to deploy the best-equipped armed forces on the planet so as to complete the process of global conquest, which is still currently going on, and is now pitting America and her allies, with mainland China and her allies, with the Arab/Muslim world caught in the crossfire.

So it all comes down to the art of war, as it always has. Whosoever is best suited and equipped to wage war and to compete for the spoils which will enable them to wage the next war, effectively rules the roost. This enables those countries and their allies to control global commerce to supply their armies so as to keep them deployed throughout the world, so as to maintain their access to strategic resources, so as to keep their armies deployed throughout the world! This then allows those countries to take the military technologies they’ve researched and developed and have deployed in the ‘Theatre of War’, and cause them to ‘trickle down’ into the civilian sphere, once they’ve been field tested in real world situations of war, which act as a sort of pre-market type of R&D platform, to see how those technologies will react to high-stress situations, and how they interact with a human interface, which is what it’s all about, since we want humans to use these new scientific discoveries and technologies.

Then, based on what is hopefully some sort of ‘victory’ in the ‘Theatre’ or at least in the realm of public opinion, the trickle down effect establishes a new sort of peace in the world, with those countries who will control the patents, manufacture and distribution of both the military and civilian products and services which have resulted from this process, being the biggest beneficiaries of it all.

This is where I see America and her allies still having the last word. Everybody has been announcing the death knell of America for decades, even before she rose to prominence in WWII, there were those who doubted her ability to rise to the occasion and take a role of leadership in the world. But what makes America great is that regardless of all of her internal squabbling, of which she is renowned for , (after all, America was founded by dissenters from all of the countries of Europe and more!), she is always capable of rising to the occasion when a common external threat presents itself, which can convincingly make people believe that their right to disagree with each other is now sufficiently threatened that they should put their differences aside, and unite so as to fight the common external threat.

Such was the case in both world wars, and may end up being the case again with the Chinese, if ever the Chinese ever commit the grievous enough error of embarking upon a program of naval construction, which includes an aircraft-carrier fleet capable of rivalling that of America’s nuclear-powered carrier fleet. Which seems to be exactly what is happening.

China recently launched a 60 000 or so ton aircraft carrier, diesel-powered, which was an unfinished version of a Soviet carrier that was leftover from the Cold-War. If they have their way, they’ll embark upon a program of building a lot more, and now have the world’s second-biggest military-industrial complex, after America, and growing.

This is why they’re so interested in these metallic minerals in Afghanistan. If they can control them, they can develop electrically-powered weapons and weapon systems at the same time or before America and her allies do, and therefore have a better chance of being globally dominant on the world stage, thereby potentially supplanting America and her allies as the world’s most important source of power, starting militarily and economically, then flowing from there to the spheres of language, culture, religion, politics, and sports, since all of these subsequent factors flow from the control of markets, and control of markets flows from control of ‘The Art of War’.

So the stage is set in ‘The Theatre’. The actors are ready, they’ve got their costumes on, they know their lines, and what they don’t know they can ad-lib once ‘onstage’. The props are all on hand, we’re just not sure yet who’s the stage manager and who exactly is the ‘director’ of this ‘passion play’. Something tells me he’s in the sky, looking down on it all, and he ain’t talkin’ until the appointed time when he will yell ‘action!’ and all Hell will break loose, if you’ll pardon the expression, and we’ll all be in for one Hell of a ‘good show’.

Don’t know if they’ll be an intermission where we can take a break to use the washroom and get some snacks or something, or how many acts this show will have, hopefully no more than five, it’s usually nice when they can get to the dénouement sometime around act four or five, so that we can wrap it up and go home and get some sleep. After all, they’re going to have to have a huge ‘cast party’ after the show called the ‘truth and reconciliation commission’, where all the bouquets and brickbats are given out to all the actors, so we can’t afford to have the show drag on too long, because from what I’ve seen of other similar ‘shows’ the ‘cast party’ afterwards sometimes lasts just as long if not longer than the actual show!

So here’s to the art of war: Long may she reign in the land of the living and the dead. Just as long as we know why we’re here and what it’s all about next time somebody speaks ill of the mission in Afghanistan or elsewhere. We’re standing up for what we believe in as western democratic countries. Our military/economic strategy protects our languages, cultures, monotheistic faiths, and democratic systems of government, which includes such things as the rule of law, due process, one person, one vote, equality rights, the writ of habeas Corpus, freedom of peaceful assembly, mobility, expression, information, and a whole host of other things which the Chinese and the Arab-Muslim countries are only just starting to become aware of. The fact of the matter is that we may end up having to interface with these people in much more conflicted ways than we are already in before they are able to enjoy the full fruits of what we already have.

I think the Theatre is going to be full, both with those on stage as well as those in the audience, with many willingly and unwillingly from the audience being drawn onto the stage in the process.

All part of the Art of War. I like Art, he’s a nice guy, but when he gets mad, look out, the dirt starts flyin’!

God Bless you all.

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