Everywhere I turn and everybody I speak with, not to mention listening to the plethora of pundits on the radio, TV and online, I get the impression that our world is going through a tremendously-painful process of transformation. We’re obsessed with the economy contracting when we think it should be expanding. We’re worried about the world’s population expanding when some of us think it should be contracting.

Others are sounding the alarm over glaciers and icebergs contracting and deserts expanding. Some people are fearful that the contraction or decline in traditional morality, family values, procreation, marriage, discipline etc is cause for much social decay, while others see the expansion of secular ‘progressive’ ideas as a sign of a society which is advancing as it should towards a future free of prejudice, hunger, poverty and so on.

Many people feel that the expansion and growth of ideas such as ‘diversity’, whether it is in the fields of a society’s ethnicity, culture and language, is a good thing which enriches the society’s social fabric by bringing new ideas and workers with new ways of thinking and doing to the mix, whereas others see this concept as a threat to the established order.

Many people fear the notion of ‘diversity’ since they are afraid that it will mean a further fragmentation and devolution of what they perceive as an already frayed and torn social fabric, whose white Judeo-Christian patriarchal basis for being is under siege by a secular onslaught of multiculturalism which threatens to even further fragment and balkanize society and create chaos and disorder.

What I see in all of this is a world in transition, one which is at the end of one long process of ‘thesis/antithesis/synthesis/thesis, and which is somewhere in the ‘synthesis’ stage of this dialectical process, with the new ‘thesis’ having yet to manifest itself in any definitive way.

There’s a struggle between the old and the new, the traditional and the ‘progressive’, the fundamentalists and those who espouse radical change. We see it everywhere. In faith and religion, politics, economics, you name it. Everywhere you go, people are more than ever digging in their heels over fundamental issues and are deadset against settling for some sort of middle ground, even though they know, or should know, that that is where the solution lies.

It’s as if the complexities of Post-Modern living in this world scare so many people, that they are deathly afraid of advocating for some sort of hybridized, eclectic-type solution, for fear of appearing wishy washy, indecisive, equivocal, weak, or otherwise milktoastian. We see it in the rise of religious fundamentalism in all three monotheistic faiths in the world: Both Christianity, Islam and Judaism are currently going through one of the biggest growth periods of fundamentalism in recent history.
Mainstream denominations everywhere are on the decline. The voices of liberal, secular moderates are being drowned out by the shrill cries of Christian, Jewish and Islamic fundamentalists worldwide, who are all increasingly well-organized, well-funded, and very militant in their desire to advocate for their agendas.

Whereas complex, eclectic, pluralistic and hybridized legislative and political solutions, the likes of which are most needed and are often very difficult to achieve peacefully at the negotiating table without anybody getting hurt or killed, are quite often very much in short supply in this troubled world of ours.

I wonder if anybody has ever realized that when a living female organism, (in this case ‘Mother Nature’) undergoes first ‘expansion’, then ‘contractions’, usually it means she’s about to give birth. Maybe all this ‘expansion’ or ‘growth’ and ‘contractions’ and ‘decay’, is a sign that Mother Nature is getting ready to give birth to something completely new.

I’m sure Father Creator had his say and his doing in the process. I’m confident that whatever ‘comes out’ of Father Creator’s doing and making and Mother Nature’s womb, will certainly be a labour of love. Love isn’t always gentle, though. There’s such a thing as ‘Tough Love’ you know. The people of this world may very well be in for a strong dose of ‘Tough Love’ before long.

It won’t be long now before that new papoose gets pooped out of Mother Nature’s birth canal and fulfills Father Creator’s Master Plan. I just don’t know if I’ll be around to live through it or if I’ll be part of the placenta or the umbilical cord that gets thrown away once the New Creation is born of the old.

Who knows, maybe my words will live on as the proverbial stem cells conserved from the umbilical cord at the time of birth and people will look back and say that I wasn’t out to lunch after all! Take care folks. Have a Blessed Day.

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