Everywhere we go we hear the word ‘Globalization’ or ‘Global’. We usually hear it in our universities, but especially in the mainstream media on public and private radio, TV and internet. What we don’t seem to realize is that the term ‘Globalization’ has yet to take on a public face. Yes we had the League of Nations after WWI and the United Nations after WWII, but the quest to give our planet any true structure of world government has so far been bogged down in a lot of nationalist scare-mongering, ethnic and religious infighting, bureaucratic inertia and third-world-style pluralistic debating club-types of imbroglios.

But one thing has remained consistent throughout all of this. ‘Globalization’ has continued to maintain a very much private sector-type of face. Virtually everything about ‘Globalization’, from the very beginning, had to do with financial institutions being able to move money across international borders, multinational and transnational corporations having operations in many countries, with loyalties to no one nation in particular, and airlines, media conglomerates and shipping companies being able to speed us around the globe as well as goods, information and knowledge at heretofore unheard of speeds.

All of this calls to mind a notion which is very much in the public forum these days, which is: what system of public military and civilian command and control will eventually be put into place to oversee, regulate, adjudicate, communicate, administrate and generally govern our world’s private citizens and their corporate entities, which, by the way, are considered to be individual ‘persons’ by most standards of law throughout the world?

Personally, I think that, seeing that liberal democracy has always been an instrument of one shape or another of bourgeois capitalism (a quick nod to you Mr. Marx for that astute and incisive observation), I think that it’s safe to say that at some point, it will be in the best enlightened self-interest of all the free-enterprise stakeholders of this planet, especially for those in banking, finance , commerce and industry, to set up some sort of genuine planetary system of global governance with a planetary system of military command and control to guard the air, land and sea lanes as well as the sub-space perimeter within the planet’s atmosphere.

Because eventually, and this is coming soon, we will probably be sending a manned mission to Mars, which means that colonization of said planet is not far off after that. It will therefore become necessary to guarantee the security of the sub-space perimeter for the coming and going of a variety of extra-planetary vessels from various private and public organizations from within our planet, not to mention to guarantee the management of the weaponization of space, as many people are already fearing that exploring ‘off-world’ will lead to the installation of sub-space weaponry to guard our planet against potential extra-terrestrial attacks, as well as from nations from within our planet seeking to utilize space as a means to threaten the planet itself from the vantage point of the sub-space perimeter.

I see this as a necessary and inevitable evolution in our inexorable march towards global peace and unity on this planet, as the world settles its scores amongst itself here on earth, eventually it will lead to the so-called ‘periphery’ being moved ‘off-world’ and war being relegated to places much farther afield than our planet. However, for this to happen, we will first have to go through the very painful process of pacification of this world, which, if we actually succeed in managing to bring peace, order and good government to the entire planet, including sufficient food, clothing, shelter, water, education, health care, spiritual nourishment, and leisure and entertainment to all X number of billions of whoever is left on this planet once the final reconciliation takes place, then we will need such a large mother lode of animal, vegetable and mineral resources, that we will inevitably have to go ‘off world’ to supply our planet with the necessary resources in question.

As this is happening, the global financial and industrial plutocracy will probably find the process of doing all of this to be so chaotic, that elements within their upper ranks will inevitably call for the establishment of some sort of public system of military and civilian command and control structure so as to regulate the global process of management of development of the world’s animal, vegetable, mineral and human resources and to put into place viable dispute-resolution mechanisms at the international level.

Whatever ends up happening, ‘Globalization’ is here to stay. How it all plays out is still up in the air but I thought I’d look into my crystal ball and give you all my humble opinion as to how I see things playing out in the not-too-distant future.

Have a blessed day, fellow Earthlings!!! (Nanoo, Nanoo….)

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