It’s interesting how we’ve gotten from there to here in a period of several thousand years. We can essentially trace back our civilization’s origins to the notion of ancient Davidic Kingship, the story of which is told to us in the Old Testament. The Hebrew people had been ruled by the Judges up until a certain time and saw that most of the pagan peoples around them had a King but not them.

The Hebrews petitioned their leaders for a King and were initially told that they should be content to have God alone as their King, but were not satisfied with this answer. They wanted an earthly King, one who had God’s favour and who would rule in the name of God. Saul was initially chosen as the first Hebrew King but was rejected by God for disobedience. Eventually, according to what the Scriptures tell us, Samuel, the Prophet and last of the Judges, anointed David, a sheppard, in the place of Saul, to be King.

David went on to reign over what was to become the people of Israel, and would fight many battles, sin, repent and would be forgiven. His lineage was eventually to serve as a direct link to that of Jesus Christ, which is why we consider Christ to be the ‘King of Kings’, since we as Christians believe that he descended from the Royal House of Israel.

This theme was later to be taken up by Christian leaders throughout Europe as Christianity spread throughout the Continent after the death and resurrection of Christ and as his Apostles fanned out across what was then the known world around the Mediterranean Sea and Asia Minor. Eventually, in the year 325 AD, Emperor Constantine convoked the Council of Nicaea, whereby the disagreements amongst Christians were worked out and a common Creed was agreed upon, known today as the Nicene Creed.

From that point onwards, Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman Empire and although the Empire in the west was to eventually fall in 476 AD, the notion of Roman Catholic and Christian Kingship being one with the civil government continued for many centuries thereafter. This period, known to historians as the Middle Ages, produced many acts of piety and barbarity. The Church grew, Princes, Dukes and Barons all fought each other for supremacy as well as waging war on the Muslims in the Holy Land in the Crusades to win back that part of the world for Christ and to wrest control of trade routes from the Muslims.

All of this had the effect of helping consolidate Principalities and Dukedoms into larger and larger agglomerations, eventually leading to the formation of embryonic nation states and also brought back from the Holy Land the secrets of what had once been thought to have been the lost knowledge of ancient Greek civilization, which the Muslims had been safeguarding in their libraries for centuries such as those in Toledo Spain, which was reconquered by Christian Crusaders in 1085 AD.

In the 150 years or so subsequent to this, a lot of what was found at Toledo was brought back to Europe and translated, as well as a lot of the Muslim’s scientific and mathematical knowledge, helping to touch off the Renaissance period in European history, which had as an effect to widen people’s access to knowledge and learning in that part of the world.

An unexpected consequence of this, however, was that as not only Classical Greek knowledge came back to Europe, but empirical science and technology as well, this led to many in Europe questioning the infallibility and supremacy of the Church and later of God himself, even going so far as to openly question the existence of God. This emerging age of the Renaissance which later developed into the Enlightenment, often dealt with matters such as Rationalism as opposed to faith, that reason alone is the sole source and final test of all truth.

As all of this was happening and the 18th century was quickly turning to the 19th and the Industrial Revolution was radically transforming the political, social, physical as well as metaphysical landscape, a very rapid process of urbanization, industrialization and secularization was taking place throughout Britain and Europe. People had already been moving into cities and towns ever since the feudal system had begun to fall apart at the end of the Middle Ages and throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, urban populations swelled tremendously throughout these parts of the world, leading to a whole host of new social problems related to poverty, employment, crime, public hygiene, public morality, public safety, law and order, education, health care and so on.

We began to see the beginnings of the rudiments of what was to become today’s Post-Modern, secular, welfare-state liberal democratic republic or Constitutional Monarchy. The Absolute Monarchy of old was now no longer able to govern or to grapple with such pressing issues of an increasingly vocal, numerous and often unruly industrial proletariat, who’d been lured into the cities and towns with the promise of a better temporal existence, yet found only endless toil, filth and economic hardship, mostly perpetrated upon them by the very elites who claimed to be the representatives of traditional God-centred and faith-based society.

Not only did Liberal Republicans and elements espousing Constitutional Monarchy seek more secular freedom of thought, action and prosperity from the Church and the state, it also caused a countervailing backlash against itself in the sense that those not ready, willing or able of waiting for Liberal Democratic society to evolve and reform at the current speed, jumped straight to the next level and one such person, namely Karl Marx, concocted an all-new ideology, called Communism, which utterly repudiated God, the Liberal-Democratic state and the private ownership of property.

As the 19th century closed and the 20th opened, we found ourselves in an all-new age of doubt, something which had been set in motion going all the way back to the Enlightenment and perhaps even the Renaissance, when science and technology allowed for the possibility of the Creature to be separated from their Creator, by committing the fatal error that somehow Science was not of God or that God was somehow a non-empirically demonstrable construct, therefore non-scientific and therefore didn’t exist.

This had led to a society of Theism and Theists to engender a countervailing movement of Atheism and Atheists which, combined with the carnage wrought by the two World Wars and their accompanying loss of life, limb, property and faith, combined with the spread of Communism in the wake of the coming to power of the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917, led our civilization to the point of utter and total exhaustion after the peace of 1945.

We had exhausted not only every possible avenue for settling our differences through bloodletting (with the notable exception of the later Balkan wars in the 1990s), but we had also seemingly exhausted the wellspring of spiritual, demographic, social, ideological, political and economic power which had once been the hallmark of western civilization. It’s as if the victory of US-led Allied forces in WWII was not so much the beginning of a new era, but rather the end of an old one. This victory signalled the death-knell of European Imperialism yet the Pax-Americana that it ushered in was to be rather short-lived indeed.

We now found ourselves as masters of a spiritually-exhausted, demographically-depleted, economically-played out and culturally antiquated civilization, with our own in North America being offshoots of the former, having evolved rapidly from them and having come of age very bruskly and violently from their root source. We too now found ourselves reigning upon a society which for all intents and purposes was just as spiritually devastated and ideologically and socially replete with secularism just as much as Europe was.

We embraced Post War technocracy and consumerism with a vengeance. After all, had we not been promised a life of material abundance in exchange for our great hardships in these last two great military conflicts, especially the second one? In fact we had been promised essentially that nobody would go without, no widow overlooked, no orphan left alone, no family would go hungry and that there would be prosperity for all those who sought it.

We put our faith in the secular state and in a society of leisure and recreation and of gratification of material and human wants and desires. We didn’t find that God was important anymore. Going to Church was boring, listening to the priest preach about sin wasn’t ‘fun’. We preferred sending ourselves and our kids to the movies, the amusement park, the video arcade, to play sports, or to go out to eat at the restaurant. We basically decided that we were going to kill God or at least pretend that he just didn’t exist anymore. Discipline for our kids was old-fashioned. Spanking was bad. Marriage was old-fashioned. Living together ‘naturally’ was ‘in’. Delayed gratification wasn’t ‘cool’, we wanted whatever it was and we wanted it NOW. If we didn’t get what we wanted, well we could just pull a hissy fit and either mom or dad would give in.

Staying home and raising your kids as a mother was old-fashioned. Having a career and being ‘liberated’ from all that old-fashioned moralistic, preachy, patriarchal religion was ‘in’. Women joined the workforce in record numbers in the 1960s and 70s. Consumerism almost demanded that they do, what with the rising tide of expectations as to what a ‘normal’ North American or Western European family should expect to have as a material standard of living and with record numbers of American men away in Southeast Asia during Vietnam, women often felt compelled to go out to work to support their families.

The result has been an even-further fragmentation of the social fabric in western civilization. We’ve de-sanctified marriage, family, procreation, heterosexuality, fidelity, honour, virtue, as well as taking away from our boys and men the notion that it’s OK to use their bodies to earn a living or to resolve conflicts with their fellows. Swing sets are being taken away from school yards. Somebody might get hurt and sue the Board. Physical education programs are being cut and more computers brought in.

A sizable percentage of the male population in the USA in their prime working years are structurally-unemployed. Western society is awash in junk food, porn, endless video games, drugs, alcohol, gambling and so on. We’ve created a Post-Modern, Post-Industrial, gluttonous monster which simply consumes at an absolutely bulimic rate. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, are all at record levels, as well as levels of addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and various sexually-based dysfunctions such as pedophilia, cyber porn dependency, and various forms of sexual addictions.

It’s as if we’ve taken away from our men the ability or the right to seek out any sort of worthy mission in life. Yes, America is at war like never before, but her men are not being given the opportunity to ‘spread their wings’, so to speak, like in previous generations, when American civilization was younger and the frontier offered more opportunities to go and make a life for themselves. Now the ‘frontier’ is in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever else US or Allied troops are deployed. The opportunity to make a permanent life for themselves in those countries is relatively limited, unless they permanently renounce residency in their American or the Canadian Homeland and go live on the New Frontier in Asia or elsewhere overseas.

Perhaps this society of overabundance of temporal things, combined with a dearth of spirituality is precisely what our civilization needs to renew itself. Because we really can’t go on much longer the way we are now. Men in North America and the west in general are being portrayed, especially in the media, as directionless, sophomoric, disorganized, dishonourable, lazy, and often downright nasty. There are few if any Post-Modern examples of virtuous men in today’s world being portrayed in the popular mindset which young boys and men can look up to with pride. All of those which ARE being presented to us are from a bygone era: Superman, Captain America and so on and are unto themselves fictional comic book characters.

Men are by nature hunters, seekers, in need of a quest or something they can sink their teeth into or gnaw on like a dog. We have a sense of the sacred and the profane and if the sacred is not fed with noble and worthy pursuits, then the profane quickly chokes out the sacred and we end up profaning and defiling ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually in ways which can only be described as corrupt, violent and perverse.

Men and women need to work together to make western civilization work again so that men especially can be the workers and warriors we were always meant to be. Then and only then will we be able to enjoy the true fruits of our labours: The fulfillment and satisfaction of an honest day’s work and a job well done. It started many thousands of years ago with King David and has come full circle today. The Davids of today still have that need and desire to slay the Goliaths of this world and be King of whatever corner of our world we live in, whether it is our country, or just our home.

Here’s to all the Davids of today and tomorrow. May they be successful in their battles against the Goliaths of this world and may they find virtuous women with whom they can rule over their ‘Kingdoms’, however large or small they may be.

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