I went out for a walk today just before sunset. I pushed myself to do so because I’d already eaten junk food today and it was sunny and cold and just great for a brisk walk to burn off those sinful calories I’d ingested. This brings me to my topic: The inevitable fall and redemption of human civilization as we know it.


I was thinking of this as I booted along furiously and my mind churned over the state of the world. All of the planet’s ecosystems are under strain and the ecological footprint we’re making on the planet with our increasingly insatiable appetite for the extraction of animal, vegetable and mineral resources so as to essentially ‘sustain’ an unsustainable level of production and consumption of goods and services by 20% of the population, while the other 80% lives on 20% of the resources, is patently egregious.


I imagined civilization to be like Humpty Dumpty, on the verge of a great fall. Except that the real Humpty Dumpty of Western-led human civilization is obese, drunk, stoned and is no longer just ‘sitting’ on the wall but is now ‘dancing’ like some fat white guy at a bar who gets drunk and stoned and climbs up onto the speakers and starts whooping it up in front of everybody and falls off and kills himself.


I can just picture the scene of how ‘all the King’s horses and all the King’s men’ are going to put Humpty back together again after such a great, tragi-comedic and pathos-filled fall. I think they’ll have to borrow a page from the script of the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ and ‘rebuild him…make him better than before…better, stronger, faster….’


I think the ‘new creation’ of humanity which will rise up and out of the ashes of the crucible of destruction of our civilization’s downfall, like the proverbial Phoenix, will be a triumph of God and Man as co-creators, like the Bionic Man himself: Part God made man, part Cyborg. A blend of humanity which will be a triumph of the life sciences and bio-technology combining with God’s pre-ordained plan of salvation and redemption to recreate a new Eden and a New Jerusalem on this planet in the wake of the coming eschatological cataclysm.


We know not the day nor the hour when judgment will be passed on neither humanity, nor the manner in which will the bridegroom come. But we know he will come in the night, when we least expect him, so we must not be like the foolish bridesmaids who did not bring enough lamp oil to keep their lamps trimmed all through the night. When the bridegroom arrived in the middle of the night, their lamps had gone out and when they went to trim them they had no more oil, whereupon they tried to borrow some off the wise bridesmaids, but they only had enough for their own purposes and could not afford to share with the foolish bridesmaids.


So let us not be like the foolish bridesmaids, but let us make ready for the coming of the bridegroom. Like the bumper sticker says: ‘Jesus is coming, look busy!’ Amazing what some junk food will do for ya!!!

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