I was listening to a Greatest Hits CD of one of my favourite 1980s Heavy Metal bands called Queensryche and was thinking about one of the songs I heard which comes off their 1988 concept album ‘Operation:Mindcrime.’ The song is called ‘Eyes of a Stranger.’ It made me think about how the use of information technology by citizens is increasingly resulting in certain pernicious and insidiously negative results. I call it ‘Techno-cyber-psycho-social warfare.’


What exactly is meant by this term? Quite simply, it describes a process whereby information technology, including personal computers, mobile devices of all sorts, the internet and video games are used by corporations and the governments which aid and abet them to first ‘divide and separate’ the organic collective entity of society into isolated individual techno-cyber-psycho-socially dependent persons, cut off from the greater society and then ‘re-assemble and re-connect’ them into a local, regional, national or global web of techno-cyber-psycho-socially dependent persons whose main source of human interaction becomes increasingly and sometimes exclusively oriented towards communicating with either their techno-cyber electronic devices heretofore mentioned or interacting with other humans through said devices (e.g. e-mail, social media, Skype, international video games, etc…). This type of behaviour therefore ‘brings us together like never before’, as the adage says which the denizens of information technology are so proud to and ready to tout at the drop of a hat, but it does so by first deconstructing and effectively attempting to destroy the traditional social fabric of face to face contact in ‘real time.’


What is further a deep concern to postmodern society is that a great deal of this type of activity is pursued by young people, especially young men, whilst under the influence of one or more mind-altering substances, usually of an illegal variety, which further only goes to ‘enhance’ the techno-cyber-psycho-socially ‘isolationist’ nature of the activity I.E. the ‘compartmentalization’, ‘segregation’ and ‘ghettoization’ of these activities within the realm of the individual person’s psycho-social as well as psycho-sexual and socio-emotional and spiritual experience, thereby further causing  psycho-social, psycho-sexual, socio-emotional and spiritual ‘isolation’ and systematic desensitization whereby the individual no longer sees himself as a member of the actual society at large but rather part of some sort of ‘misunderstood’ underground subculture or counter-cultural movement or trend in society which is, in some cases, on the verge of  becoming well-known and will ‘rise-up’ and radically alter the course of events and history or in some cases the individual sees himself as part of a radical fringe of ‘true believers’ who are among some of the few in the world who ‘really know what’s really going on and how things really work in the world’, and who, whether or not they ultimately commit an act of mass aggression upon the world or commit suicide or both, may end up simply being permanently dependent for the rest of their natural lives on these techno-cyber-psycho-social networks and will likely serve to swell the growing numbers in the ranks of the permanently single people in western society who will either never procreate, or if they do, will never establish or remain in a stable conjugal relationship, much less cohabitate and get married religiously and practice any form of traditional Christianity. Their ‘religion’ of preference will undoubtedly have become the ‘Church of Techno-Cyber-Psycho-Social Dependence.’


These ‘loose fish’ or ‘waiters on Providence’ as Sir John A. Mc Donald called them will undoubtedly serve as a large pool of recruitment for both ‘dark’ and ‘white’ knights in the event that the seemingly inevitable and possibly apocalyptic and eschatological conflict with Communist China erupts in about 30-35 years as Communist China continues the pursuit of her aircraft carrier construction program unabated. They are now building a second carrier and have plans for two more by 2020, while America is scaling back her carrier program.


Already a near miss incident between a Chinese and American carrier in the Pacific Ocean is a harbinger for the storm to come as China and America fling themselves headlong into their collective quest for global supremacy. Both America and China now want to build military bases in Pakistan. The Americans are set to stay in for decades in Afghanistan to tap the estimated 1-3 TRILLION dollar mother lode of minerals and oil and gas that are known to be there, including tantalum, beryllium and thorium, all of which are necessary to build such nice things as spaceships, jet aircraft, jet engines, missiles, armour-piercing anti-tank shells, rocket-propelled grenades and so on.


So let’s just hope that when the big rumble erupts and the call to arms happens, that the West’s reserves of ‘loose fish’ and ‘waiters on Providence’ will be able to rise to the occasion as their ancestors the barn-stormers, rum-runners, safe-crackers and bank robbers did from the 1920s and 30s when WWII broke out. Because we’ll need all the ‘Dirty Dozens’ and ‘Devil’s Brigades’ we can muster to vanquish Kid Cathay. Will they be up to the task? Will they have the physical, psychological, and spiritual endurance to not have to go to the fridge when it suits them and get some pop, beer or junk food at the fast food outlet or a hit of something from the dealer, to be able to concentrate long enough to march to victory?


Let’s hope so. Because techno-cyber-psycho-social warfare on our people leaves the social fabric torn and frayed. What’s the agenda? Are these people being ‘segregated’ and ‘isolated’ on purpose so as to be better ‘moulded’ in the future for future governments to use in future wars? It’s hard to tell. One thing I do know is that China now has 1, 4 billion people and is building carriers at a very rapid pace and America is scaling back her fleet. The Royal Navy scaled back her armed forces in between WWI and WWII with a series of pro-peace and anti-war governments and got caught short when WWII broke out and as a result lost their Empire to America. Will the same fate befall America because of her crushing debt?


Maybe China won’t have to fire a single shot and the West will just capitulate by dint of its sheer weight of debt and moral degeneracy and the Chinese will bear sway over the world as our new masters. Let’s hope it never comes to that. God Bless America and all her Allies who shall one day be called upon to fight for Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Democracy in one Great Allied Force of Freedom for Humanity: One World, One Government, under God, with Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Democracy and Security of the Person for all Humanity. Amen, Ainsi soit-il.


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