I’m taking a trip out west today to Whitehorse for my sister’s wedding and have had to venture out onto one of Canada’s main national airlines to travel across the country. My impressions leave me with some very sobering, even fatalistic views concerning the state of our country and the overall state of western civilization in general.
The trip to the airport went pretty well. No hassles, and no traffic snarls at 3:00 a.m. in Toronto from the Niagara Peninsula on Thursday morning, Pre-Pan-Am Games-wise, that is. What I witnessed at the airport and during the boarding process on the plane was another story altogether.

I understand now how or why the airlines are starting to crack down and charge people extra for oversize and overweight stuff and people. Quite frankly, I was appalled at just how much stuff people travelled with in general. On average, I saw most people with at least one very large and one medium-sized carry-on bag which they were bringing onto the plane as cabin baggage. I got the impression from watching people check their bags in at the baggage check-in that, for the most part, they also had a whole other big suitcase full of stuff, especially women, even older women travelling alone, who often then had two carry-ons plus their purse.

Coordinating all this in the cabin before take-off was a major hassle and you could tell that the cabin crew were getting frustrated with all the last minute requests from people who had brought too much stuff and were now trying desperately to stow it somewhere overhead or below their seat before take-off.

I feel that there is way too much usage of electronic devices, which are now voice-enabled, whereby family members can now chat live with audio/visual feed with the people they just left behind or with the people they are about to visit and to chat idly about their personal lives in public with other people within earshot listening in on all of their gaga goo goo bum bum pipi caca baby stories with their kids, or other silly stuff which they basically have no control over, since they are no longer in that person’s presence, yet choose to dwell on it needlessly whilst the cabin crew attempt to make their safety and security announcement over the intercom. Very frustrating. The personal and public realms seem to be seamlessly interfacing and intertwined with each other in today’s postmodern, post-industrial, high tech, ‘high-touch’ techno-cyber environment.
I guess it is a sign of the times. Where it is all leading is anybody’s guess. In my mind it simply evokes images and thoughts yet again of a highly ‘advanced’ civilization, which is ‘advanced’ both for good and for ill, in equal measure in both realms of scientific and technological research and development of new products and services, some of which make our lives arguably ‘better’, and ‘easier’, while others make them simply more complex, frustrating, and technocratically tyrannical, and a civilization which is also ‘more advanced’ from the viewpoint of its being in a state of moral, concupiscent, socio-economic, political, cultural, and socio-religious ‘advanced decline’, in that our evolutionary state of collective and individual being seems to be leading us all increasingly to an inevitable fall from grace on a large scale.

Well, that’s it for me for now, must empty my bladder from the two Starbucks coffees I had at the airport trying to stay awake for this gig. As a spirit in the material world, I try as much as possible to meter my ‘temporal footprint’ on God’s Creation, carbon or otherwise. There’s way too many overweight people carrying around way too much excess baggage everywhere I go, both literally and figuratively, on airplanes or otherwise.

Will speak again soon. The beverage cart is coming my way, must make a ‘debit’ to the lavatory god before loading up with any more ‘credits.’ Ho hum!!!

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