Marc Lepine and Polytechnique, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Dawson College, Valerie Fabrikant and Concordia University, San Ysidro Mc Donald’s Massacre, Sandy Hook, Anders Behring Breivik, Guy Turcotte, The Colorado Batman theatre shooting, the Vegas shooter, and now the Toronto van massacre. The list goes on and the body count rises. So, like Marvin Gaye sang, ‘what’s goin’ on?’ It appears to me that men feel sufficiently put upon in today’s society by forces which appear to be arrayed all around them and instrumentalized by forces which seem to be insurmountably overwhelming, that some of them are cracking under the pressure of the postmodern, post-industrial and post-Christian pressure cooker and taking matters into their own hands in the only way which they seem capable of, which is, like Metallica sang, ‘seek and destroy’, or ‘kill ‘em all.’ This seems to be a legacy of men’s heritage as hunters and warriors, and one which we ignore at our peril if we are to ever be safe and secure again within a context of ever increasingly strident and virulently mysandric and radical #Me Too fourth wave feminism and LGBTQ2S secular gender ideology, with its heavy emphasis on Marxian dialectically deterministic processes and outcomes.

25 year old Alek Minassian committed a horrible act, but he is unfortunately an increasingly dialectically symptomatic reactionary and countercultural element within postmodern, post-industrial and post-Christian society. What I mean is that, it used to be that western civilization was, up until not too long ago, predicated upon what is known in philosophy as a ‘teleological’ precept of the Judeo-Christian ethic, meaning that our society had a well-defined ‘ultimate purpose’, and ‘ultimate end’, which is what the word ‘teleological’ means. Western civilization was predicated upon hetero-normativity and hetero-patriarchy, and white, male, heterosexual Christian men had a predominant place in the culture of the day.

However, since the days of the Sexual Revolution, which was touched off by Alfred Kinsey’s controversial report on sexuality, which to this day is still contested and has been actively de-bunked by such esteemed scholars as Dr. Judith Reisman, who alleges that Kinsey was a Sado-Masochistic sex pervert who used data from child molesters in his crypto-scientific study from the late 1940s, the role that the white heterosexual Christian man plays in society has been slowly and inexorably diminishing. In fact, since the 1960s, with second wave feminism and the rise of the LGBTQ2S community’s ascendancy within the policy framework and their capturing and shaping of the overall public perception and public mindset through their now dominant control of the hegemonic discourse within the corporate and public media, the role which the white heterosexual Christian man heretofore occupied has begun to erode even further and now finds itself clearly under a full frontal assault from the now well-publicized # Me Too fourth wave of radical feminist ideology and praxis, who claim nothing short of being desirous not just of re-shaping the patriarchy or improving it by making timely reforms to it, but to squarely smash and deconstruct and destroy the patriarchy.

In effect, what the #Me Too movement has done is declare all out, no holds barred ‘knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out’ culture war upon the entire edifice of western civilization such as we have known it for the last several thousands of years, and seem to be genuinely surprised, even shocked to the point of remonstrating with the male establishment in some sort of maternal/matriarchal form of psycho-sexual projection of guilt and shame that ‘after all, we’re only trying to completely destroy the last vestiges of your power and authority, there boys, what’s your problem? Why are you so angry with us? And what did we do to make you act so mean and violent towards us? You’re not nice!!! Boo hoo hoo!!!’

Sir Isaac Newton had three Laws of Motion. The Third Law states: ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.’ It is therefore only logical that the more the # Me Too feminists and LGBTQ2S Alt Left forces attempt to take society in one direction, which they claim, I would argue to be falsely, in a ‘socially progressive’ direction, the more the Alt Right forces such as we are seeing more and more incarnated in such persons as Donald Trump, Doug Ford, Marine Le Pen in France, the Conservative Party of Canada and its leader Andrew Scheer, as well as recent developments in places such as Hungary, are going to push back increasingly virulently and aggressively in the other direction.

This is already causing Canadian and western society as a whole to radically polarize on both sides, with young men such as Alek Minassian being only one small example of the very scary and toxic underbelly of Alt Right internet and Social Media fringe-based communities of disgruntled and disaffected individuals, who, like Minassian, are mostly white, male, heterosexual, usually in their late teens and early to mid-twenties, may or may not identify as practicing Christians (Marc Lepine’s father was Muslim and his mother was nominally Roman Catholic and French-Canadian), are socio-economically marginalized in today’s ‘part time/contractual/on-call/casual’ job market, and are increasingly feeling psycho-sexually marginalized, even castrated by the prevailing mood of Alt Left # Me Too feminism and LGBTQ2S ideation and praxis.

The matter is exacerbated all the more by the increasing socio-economic and socio-cultural feeling and very real perception of hegemonic descent into marginality, even irrelevance for the average postmodern white heterosexual Christian male, who essentially sees and hears an ‘anything but YOU’-kind of hegemonic discourse coming out of the mouths of all and sundry in the popular, secular culture of today’s media and academic discourse, which essentially seems hell-bent on denigrating and erasing all traces of maleness or of male dominance in language, culture, music, academia, religion, etc, and openly speaks of Christianity as being ‘cultural imperialism’, ‘cultural genocide’, ‘women’s genocide’, and the teaching of a culture of life amongst youth as being ‘psychological abuse.’

Alek Minassian congregated in what is being called the ‘In Cel’ community of ‘Involuntary Celibate’ community of young men who, for whatever reason, usually due to their socio-economic marginality and psycho-social, psycho-sexual and socio-emotional as well as often their socio-religious marginality are not able to attract a woman to their side to have a loving, mutually validating and fulfilling romantic relationship with each other, which includes consensual sexual intercourse and the possibility of conjugal bliss predicated upon monogamous union with procreation, either common law, civil marriage, or religious marriage. It is eminently sad that our social fabric has become so frayed and torn as well as disjointed, disparate, dysfunctional, eclectic, fragmented, and prone to fail to support its most vulnerable elements such as Mr. Minassian from falling through the cracks.

The tragic incident in Toronto last week is not only a sad but true commentary upon the lamentable state of dialectical drift in which Canada and all of western civilization now finds itself, as well as an incontrovertible condemnation and invalidation of the Sexual Revolution and all that it stands for from a secular so-called ‘socially progressive’ perspective as it relates to radical # Me Too fourth wave feminism and the LGBTQ2S agenda, but especially it is an increasingly apparent outward manifestation of the utter failure and teleological vacuity of postmodernist ideation and praxis.

Alek Minassian and all those like him, younger and older, have been borne into a world where, teleologically-speaking, the only seemingly ultimate purpose or end to life in the country and in this world in general, is to work like crazy in a so-called ‘free enterprise’ system of capitalist exploitation, whose ultimate goal is to maximize the production and consumption of goods and services, to the point not only of depletion, but of utter exhaustion of the planet’s material and human resources, while attempting to maximize pecuniary gain, and minimizing cost, the biggest of which is human labour, much of it traditionally male. They are then exhorted to massively consume such goods and services through advertising, even demanding of them to indebt themselves to the point of debt peonage and servitude to purchase goods and services which their meagre wages, if they have the dubious honour of having a job to begin with, cannot even begin to pay for.

Alek Minassian was borne into a dystopic world, where, increasingly, he and his compatriots are being exposed to and socially conditioned into a hyper-sexualized world of toxic pop-culture of music, film, television, and  internet, which glorifies erotic violence, hyper masculinity and hyper femininity, rape culture, gender bending forms of ideation of all sorts, negative male role models and stereotypes of men as abusers, pedophiles, narcissistic megalomaniacs, serial killers, rapists, and of women who are perennially either victims, vulnerable, or champion women warriors who wear skin tight body suits and pack all sorts of weapons to karate chop men in the head and kick them in the groin to show them who is really in charge.

Alek Minassian was borne into a world wherein and whereby the prevailing culture is not only hypersexualized, but is hyper-obsessed with promiscuity, whilst all the while insisting that ‘consent is the key’, and that a woman can ‘be a slut’ and march in a ‘slut walk’ if she pleases, because, after all, it’s ‘her body’ and she can ‘do what she wants with it’, seemingly regardless of the consequences or effects it has on others, and insisting that young men such as Alek Minassian are to be left to their own devices to ‘control themselves’ whilst women, young and old prance around with their breasts literally spilling out of altogether immodest halter tops, and wearing tights and leggings which quite frankly, in some cases squarely transgress any logical sense of modesty or dignity of the person, and which quite frankly give me cause not only to contemplate the possibility of vomiting, but also of the soundness of mind of the woman in question who is donning such outrageous and egregiously obscene and vulgar apparel in public.

In conclusion, therefore, the van attack in Toronto should be a wakeup call for the culture to take itself to task for having dialectically drifted so off course into a state of moral perversion, which started off seemingly innocently enough with a desire to be ‘liberated’, and to be ‘free’ from all that heretofore had ‘repressed and oppressed’ us. What we are now witnessing are the unforeseen consequences of instrumentalizing a policy of total dialectical drift towards social deconstruction and fragmentation of the social fabric towards a non-normative form of pluralism, all ostensibly in the name of ‘inclusion.’ What the leaders of this movement have failed to grasp is that in their headlong mad rush to ‘include’ themselves and all those like them within their so-called ‘politics of inclusion’, that essentially they have wound up excluding the very cohort of people they claim originally excluded them, that is to say, the white heterosexual Judeo-Christian man. This is ironic, because this process and outcome of exclusion has been wrought ostensibly under the aegis of the politics of ‘inclusion’, and that the Alek Minassians of this world have essentially been systematically ghettoized as ‘having all the power’, and ‘advocating intolerant and exclusionary and bigoted views’, therefore, guess what folks? They have been ‘excluded’ from the politics of ‘inclusion’ for ostensibly being ‘exclusive!’

Like wow! How did that happen, eh? I guess nobody told us about the LGBTQ2S’ network of ‘exclusive’ private clubs where only rich, white gay and bisexual men can go drink, dance, and have sex with each other in gated, privately-guarded places in large cities throughout the western world!? Or ‘exclusive’ women’s only work out and fitness clubs where powerful women can go hang out and network with each other. Alek Minassian is an unfortunate, but very real by-product of a dystopic society which has gone completely off the rails. The only question is how many more Culture Warriors like him are there out there stealthily awaiting to strike fear into the hearts, minds, souls and bodies of the general public with yet another so-called ‘random act of violence.’ In fact, if and when it happens again, and it will, I assure you, it will not be a question of anything ‘random’, but rather a deliberate act of violence and aggression carried out by an individual who feels caught in a perverted web of dialectical drift, the likes of which has never before been seen in the annals of human civilization, and for which he feels, in his heart of hearts, because of his innermost yearning and longing for the mutually validating and fulfilling love of conjugal bliss with a woman, which he feels he is incapable of attaining due to insurmountable structural factors which have been arrayed against him by the current cultural paradigm, that the only logical ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ is to act out in a manner commensurate with the forms of info-cyber-technological forms of behaviour which he has been socially conditioned by the most. That is to say, the ‘lone warrior knight’ in the ‘shooter game’ who mounts his steed, arms himself with the most deadly weapons of mass destruction he can think of or can obtain, and replicate an info-cyber-technologically driven sort of video games form of Armageddon, where he only gets one ‘life’, and the ‘game’ usually ends up with his ‘player’ getting ‘killed’ for real, except if it is in Canada, and our cops don’t ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ as the cops in the USA do.

Meanwhile life goes on, until the next incident occurs. I wonder if the women in the # Me Too movement and the people in the LGBTQ2S movement are actually aware that their policies and actions are actually contributing to the problem and not helping to alleviate it? Well, I did my best to speak out. Nobody can ever accuse me of being a monosyllabic male who ‘keeps it all inside’ and ‘doesn’t say anything.’

God bless you all, and let us pray for Alek Minassian and all the victims and their families and friends of this horrible tragedy.

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